Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Started

Hello, old friends! It's difficult for me to believe that it has been nearly ten years since we traveled together for that semester in Cambridge. On the one had it still feels kind of fresh in my mind as an event that remains relevant and frequently thought of. On the other hand I look at my passport which expires this year, and the fact there are no new European stamps, and I feel ten years older. In our own ways we've maintained a good network and I believe all 26 of us are probably still in touch, but here's a little help!
Welcome to the Cambridge class of 1999 Ten Year Reunion blog. You'll all be authorized to post blogs if you choose to, and of course leave messages. I'm taking it upon myself to get this thing organized, so here's what I'm thinking so far:

This November (2008) we can attend the Lee University homecoming and use it as a rendezvous point. I would try to get us a hotel with a meeting space to have a nice big party in: food, slide projector, speeches, and meeting each others' families.

Seems like a fine idea, but will it be too packed in Cleveland? Is Cleveland a place we'd all like to go anyway? Should we meet actually in 2009? I guess it could be any time between January and April, right?

Obviously the premier location would be Cambridge, the Hamilton Hotel, and a picnic on Jesus Green, but I doubt this is the reunion for that. Maybe in ten more years!

There is plenty to think about, so please share your thoughts, and welcome back!