Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The News!

Alright my friends, hopefully you have all received your homecoming information in the mail, but if you have not, I wanted to let you know our information is live on the Lee University Homecoming Website:

There is also another page where you can indicate "yes" you are coming to the reunion:

We are all set for this event. It will be fairly simple, really just a dinner among friends with time to look at photos and re-tell stories. There may not be as much of a program like we girls planned on Valentine's Day, but I guarantee the story-telling will be just as fun!

After dinner everyone is welcome to make their own plans. I know Some people would like to attend other Homecoming events on campus, and others have children to put to bed, but I would like to open the invitation to maybe go out afterwards.

Or, as Sir Walter Hooper said it after the Lewis Society Meeting in Oxford, "Please adjourn with us to the Bird and Baby for refreshments as we continue our discussion."

Now, since we're a month out I'm currently making menu selections. I requested a "British" style menu for old times' sake, and that the children eat for free. So, when you send in $20 per person do NOT pay for your kids! If you all had teenagers we I could charge, but everyone has babies and toddlers, so the caterer is providing some kid-friendly options at no-charge. As for us, we'll get an elegant dinner, but every caterer is restricting our options (must be the busy-ness of the day). There will be ONE entree option for the whole group.

Chicken, beef or pork?

They all look good to me!!

Here's my count:

No Answer:

Dave Wiley
Chris Souza
Laura Page Hayden
Paul Van Fleet (still cannot contact!)


Erin Smith Vile
Cadle McGowan Edwards
Tiffany James
Tiffani McLuhan Reid
Whitney Bolding Bradbury
Amanda Osborne


Me :)
Sarah Walker
Jo Cline Chumley
Sara Lamagna Turner
Fred Wiechman
RaeAnna Hooper Goss
Tamara Taylor Humphres
Erin Cole Shyamji


Erica Parrish Caskey
Rob Moorehouse
Jessica Palmer Edgerton
Lindy Whitter
Jeni Weil Grieger
Angela Baldasaro
Brandon Decker
Rosemary Rutland Starr

If any of this is wrong, it's not too late to change your answer! I just need to offer a tentative headcount ASAP.


Tamara said...

What??!?! No Toad-in-a-Hole?????

I am flexible. Whatever everyone else wants!

Mrs. Barno said...

uh... I also ruled out bangers and mash 'cause bangers look exactly like you'd expect!

Jo said...

Whatever you decide for the meal will be fine...I'm not picky, and since fish isn't one of the choices I don't have to worry that a face might show up on my plate :) I will probably be up for hanging out after since I have a wonderful sister-in-law who will be watching little Jenevieve, so as long as she cooperates...:)


Sarah said...

Whatever we have is fine. Thanks again! It all sounds great. Lily and I will be there. Unfortunately my husband is booked for something else and will not be able to make it.

Sarah Walker Cuison