Thursday, August 21, 2008

So Cool!

Anita Ray has done us such a solid on this one. We've got the room! (see post below) We'll be catered by Sodexo... but don't worry! Remember how their catering was always tastier than the Deacon Jones? The cost is a whopping $20 per person. Also, Mrs. Ray scanned in that first photo of us. Now if only I could Photoshop "Richelle" out and Tiffani in!

Please let me know if you can come so I can begin the food-getting process.

Pictures, I need pictures! In my personal photos I don't have very many of people. I think I thought I would "get copies" from all ya'll. Didn't we all think that?!?! So any great pictures you have of the crew, please share! Especially of special days, like soccer on Jesus Green. As much as I love the scenery, we don't need a ton of pictures of that. It hasn't changed much! If you have a really distinctive shot of the landscape you can share, of course.

I love all of you guys so much!


The Caskey's said...

What a flash back this picture is! I completely forgot that Tiffany was a switcharoo -- can't tell you how thankful I am that she is a part of this group!

So, I would love to say with a 100% certainty that I am in for the reunion. But honestly, it doesn't look good for me. High priced airline tickets and tight finances are working against me. I never like to say never until its official, but it would take something pretty big to make it happen for me.

I will send pictures and video. Yes, video. I figure after 10 years it's time.


Ellis and Tamara said...

We are a great looking bunch! I still can't believe it has almost been 10 years! Ellis and I are in! One of these days I will scan some pics from the trip!

Mrs. Barno said...

It would be *so* nice to see you and Seth Casky this November, and we promise to let you in even at the last minute... but in your supposed absence let me say YAYAYAY!!!! about the video. Wasn't it rolling on Valentine's Day? Oh, that day...

Mascasa said...

All the best from Kerala! Katherine and I will not be able to make the reunion, and sadly all of my photos of the trip are in a box in a storage unit in Marietta, GA. With my luck they are probably also at the back of the unit. Have a blast! And, if you are in southern India sometime in the next eight months hit us up.


Anonymous said...

I am diligently working on it. Josh really wants me to be able to go,I'm about a 90% sure! I'll get right on those baby days have settled down.

Anonymous said...

Michaela, I got the group pics on a disk, can you give me an address to mail them to?