Friday, July 18, 2008


Today we pray for blessings for Johanna and her child (she's delivering through a c-section today). Also, we are blessed because we're finding old friends! First we connected with Angela (thank you Facebook!) and now we've found Laura, too! It feels so good to be in touch; I guess this is what reunions are about. Thirdly, we can rejoice in the blessings our girl Lindy and her husband Joel have experienced in their recent move to Kauai (talk about a change of pace from Minnesota!).

By the way, thanks for giving me confirmations, those of you who have been able to. I'm tallying that list, and hope to have everyone's set plan by late August. At that point I can firmly make arrangements. You guys are seriously reminding me of planning my wedding!

Music: All I can say is "Oh-oh-oh, the sweetest thing!" and also those of us at the back of the bus singing "As the Deer" all the time... (tough crowd).

Pictures: Please send them to me digitally. I'm going to compose a slide-show on the glorious Mac, and so CD's are good, so is web-hosting (make sure they're big), and emailing. Since this is a Google blog application, perhaps using Picasa - for those of you gmailers out there - would make transferring them easier.

And God's blessing to all the rest of you, too!!

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